My name is Matt Sampson, which you will already know if you have got this far, I have lived in Hong Kong for the last 18 months, which you wouldn't and this is the second version of my website which features my photographs past and current

There is no 'curatorial' explanation about my pictures.  There are no projects as such, though it isn't hard to work out some of the themes and subjects that interest me.  It would be fair to say that I am more interested in craft than art, more problem solver than artist.  I am interested in the single picture and the story within it as much as anything.  I have sold my work in the past but I am not a professional photographer as such, but if you would like to buy something or have a proposition feel free to get in touch!  I haven't taken any of this pictures with a direct view to selling them. I suppose that makes them is truly amateur work.

Most of this work is shot on film, though not exclusively.  Stitched panoramas and accurate colour have never been easier than with digital and digital printing is a great leap forward.  As much as I like to think I miss the traditional darkroom I probably don't, at least not for the sake of it.  However I do like handling and loading film, I do like winding on and not seeing the results immediately, it's part of the serendipitous nature of using film and the craft that got me interested in photography in the first place.  I happily admit that I'm interested in camera equipment and the craft of photography and don't have a problem with the 'kit' inspiring the pictures on occasion.  I am always interested in what a strange lens, obscure printing process or odd format can bring to a photograph and this can be as much an inspiration as wanting to portray the scale of a building or the loneliness of a landscape.  Either will always get me more motivated than a new software version or a new plug in.  Digital equipment doesn’t seem to inspire in the same way.  However if I was a wedding photographer today I would probably head straight down to the shop for a digital back.

So I hope you enjoy the site.  My apologies if you find it a bit slow to load, or you are trying to look at it on an iPad, it's only my second attempt as I said.  On the off chance that you're wondering, the site is a combination of iWeb with the free version of Simpleviewer and it will almost certainly look best on a Mac.

Matt Sampson. Hong Kong. November 2010